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Wood Structural Systems

Wood can be used in many popular structural forms from the light duty repetitive small structures to the larger and heavier framing systems used in commercial projects such as arenas or storage facilities.

Simple and yet effective

Wood-frame construction combines dimension lumber or engineered wood products and structural wood panel sheathing to make wall, floor and roof assemblies that are robust and fast to build. The assemblies are tough, easy to connect and easy to insulate. It is a building technology that has been applied millions of times. In fact, about a million new wood houses are built every year in North America.

There are many examples of wood buildings that have lasted a long time. With good design and construction, that wood-frame house you started today will provide safety and comfort for many, many years to come.

Easy Renovation - A Big Re-Sale Feature

Whether remodelling involves increasing the size of a house or rearranging existing space, wood-frame construction is easier to modify.

This ease of modification is an important feature for buyers of both new homes and existing homes. It allows them to economically alter their houses to suit changing needs. When it comes to remodelling, wood is unmatched in how easily changes can be made. Thinking of adding a window to that concrete wall in the bedroom or moving the wall out three feet to enlarge the room?


Drywall (gypsum wallboard) has replaced plaster as the most common wall surface in American homes. Drywall can be used as a backing for wall treatments such as wallpaper, fabric, tile, and wood paneling, or it can simply be painted. Drywall has the virtue of being easy and inexpensive to install. Drywall is sold in 4-by-8-, 4-by-9-, and 4-by-10-foot sheets; the most common thickness is ½ inch or 5/8 inch.

We use extreme caution when using standard drywall since it may be a subject to moisture damage. Instead we choose special green drywall for application in bathrooms or other areas where the material may get wet. Drywall panels are fastened directly to wall studs or to furring strips applied over masonry surfaces. We attach panels using wallboard nails, wallboard screws, or in some cases adhesive. Joints between panels are hidden by wallboard tape and joint compound. In some cases, a texture of special topping compound is applied over the entire surface


We Protect Your Home While Making It Look Beautiful


Is serving the painting and repainting needs of Houston Metropolitan Area. Our specialists are fully qualified to perform the painting a new home, office building, residential, commercial, experienced in

wood staining, glazing, and repairing any kind of work needed to give your walls or furniture the pristine appearance that you've always remembered.

Whether you're moving to a new location, or bringing important guests into an older home we can remodel and be proud. Always remember that first impressions count. It is important to realize that the appearance of both exterior and interior furnishings will leave a lasting impression with anyone who sees them. Don't settle for a painting company that provides a poor quality finish coat at twice the rate.

Here at MENDIOLA REMODELING AND CONSTRUCTION LLC we specialize in the kind of quality finish that's both affordable and durable. Your friends and family will no doubt be amazed at the long-lasting beauty that your home will enjoy for years to come.

We have experience in both residential and commercial sectors, giving us the qualifications to offer only the best work in just about any situation. With our competitive pricing and superior workmanship you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you find when you hire us on. Contact us today for a free estimate!


Can provide siding repair, replacement or new installation services. Houston homeowners can choose from a variety of siding options, including vinyl, wood, stucco or metal siding. Our siding professionals can help you determine the best siding for your home providing professional installation to ensure your siding looks great and is equaly durable.

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We lay the insulation blanket at the outer edge of the attic space and work toward the center. This allows for more headroom in the center of the space, where cutting and fitting can be done.

If the joist cavities are completely filled, we lay the new insulation in long runs perpendicular to the direction of the joists, and use leftover pieces for small spaces. If the cavity is not completely filled, we use the appropriate thickness of insulation to fill it to the top, then add an additional layer of insulation in the perpendicular direction.

We ensure insulation should extend far enough to cover the tops of the exterior walls, but should not block the flow of air from the eave vents. To make sure the eave vents aren't blocked.

Insulation should be kept three inches away from recessed lighting fixtures unless the fixture is marked "I.C." (Insulated Ceiling), which is designed for direct contact with the insulation. If insulation is placed over an unrated fixture, it may cause the fixture to overheat and perhaps start a fire.

Also, the insulation should always be installed at least three inches away from any metal chimneys, gas water heater flues or other heat-producing devices.

Around masonry chimneys or other areas that have small openings, stuff these spaces with small pieces of unfaced insulation, which will not burn

Ceramic Tile

Our experience in installations on ceramic and porcelain tiles installations is professional and complete with all of the pieces put together for beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. These design lines are perfect for floors, walls and bathrooms


Shower & tub surrounds

Light traffic floors & walls

Interior & exterior applications

Porcelain and ceramic tile adds value. Because they are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, patterns and textures, they can satisfy almost any design preference.
Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile combine both beauty and durability. These products are durable enough to be used for exterior as well as interior floor applications.
Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile are among the most stain-resistant building products available.
Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile are among the few decorative building products that will not fade or discolor with sunlight.
Porcelain and ceramic tile are among the easiest of all decorative finishing products to maintain. Soil will simply lie on the surface, permitting quick removal with a dust mop or cleanser.
Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile are good choices for kitchens and bathrooms because they are sanitary. They are also hypoallergenic, given that odors, mold, mildew, dust, allergens and bacteria do not tend to get trapped within them.
Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile are considered permanent products and are listed in the Real Estate Appraisal Guide as building products that increase the value of a home.
Thanks to modern technology, glazed ceramic and porcelain tile are now affordable options for most budgets. These products, due to inherent durability and broad applications, are more cost effective than most alternative products.


Dye Lot: Tile may vary from dye lot to dye lot in size and in color. Let the professionals at Mendiola assist you.


While it is not necessary to seal glazed ceramic and porcelain tile, it is always recommended that grout joints be sealed.

Crown Molding

Mendiola Remodeling & Construction LLC has years of experience installing crown molding. Crown molding styles ranges from the simple to the very ornate and intricately carved. It is often that plain molding has a very subtle effect, whereas, elaborate molding can draw attention to the ceiling. Today, wood serves as an alternative material with a more natural appearance, allowing the wood carvings to bring out the natural beauty within the wood grain and texture.

There are classic styles of molding, however, the opportunities for unique ornate wood carvings are boundless, and only limited to the imagination of the carver. This creativity increases the chances of finding the perfect crown molding to accent your home. Virtually any effect can be achieved; classical, whimsical, modern, flowing, and beyond. This makes molding an eye-catching architectural element, an effective addition to a room.

Let us guide you through the maze of choices. Crown molding can be combined with wall paneling and ceiling medallions. However, molding does not have to be limited to use with ceilings; it is also commonly used as trim for cabinets, pilasters, door and window hoods...


Whether you are adding crown molding to a new home, or restoring crown molding to a vintage home for historical accuracy, the considerable value you add will be felt right away and we can assist with with your selection.

It gives any room an inviting and warm ambience, and immediately increases the market value of properties.

Crown molding is used to trim ceilings and is typically made of plaster or wood, either painted or stained, and comes in a variety of styles.

It is available in a variety of woods, from the finest to the least expensive, including poplar, cherry, red oak, hard maple, soft maple, ash, mahogany, American cherry, and pine.

The choice of wood should depend on the function of the molding and style of the room.

If the molding is going to be painted, less expensive softwood such as pine would be a good choice, and if the room requires a beautiful stained wood, a hardwood such as cherry or oak would work well.

Mendiola can help you with selection of the many production styles.

Crown molding is produced in a large number of patterns and types: dentil crown molding, cornice molding, ornamental crown molding and cove molding, embossed or smooth hardwood.

Crown molding can also be used to contain indirect lighting around the border of a ceiling to replace direct overhead lighting.

Crown molding can add romance to the bedroom, coziness to the living room, prominence to the office, and warmth to any type of property. We invite you to discover the value of crown molding in your own home or business.

Our installation will be done by qualified professionals.


Interior Trims

When you reach the point in your project of interior trim. We begin your work by setting the doors in rooms, closets, doors with the jam and door as a unit are usually used. The correct fitting of these doors into the rough opening assures long-term performance. The baseboards and casings should be next. Lock sets and door handles, crown molding, chair rails, closet organizers fireplace mantels, and staircases.

Choosing from the many designs of interior trim that are offered in this modern day can be a shore. Mendiola give you a wide range ideas in this area.

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Floor Installations

We Beautify and Increase Value


We guarantee you the most gorgeous floor you could ever wish for: Installation, comfort, warmth, durability and authenticity.


With so much at stake, deciding on the interior design of your home can be a challenge. Even more than the color of your walls or the style of your furniture, a floor determines the ambience of an interior. It’s not a decision you make lightly. You want a floor that complements your own personal taste and style of living.


We only install state-of-the-art windows with superior structural integrity and the highest quality craftmanship.


Create a truly individual driveway with our start to finish service using only the highest quality of driveway products, MENDIOLA REMODELING AND CONSTRUCTION LLC brings you an exciting choice of designs, all of which create the perfect approach to your home.

Our driveways are backed by an index linked 10 year product and 6 year labor guarantee (transferable to the new owner if you move). So you’re guaranteed comprehensive cover and total peace of mind.

Have a look at our various driveway styles, and browse the features and security benefits of our wide range of options.

With our selection of attractive and practical features you can create a truly individual driveway – from curbing to manhole covers to steps and landscaping, it’s all in the details.

Choosing from the many designs of interior trim that are offered in this modern day can be a shore. Mendiola give you a wide range ideas in this area.

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